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  1. Underworld in the Cloud - User Guide Live

    Release of a prototype version of the live Underworld user guide / tutorial

  2. Underworld is on Zenodo

    Citation of the code by exact version

  3. Building on MacOS Mojave

    Build instructions for native Mac 2018 (but we still think docker is a good idea)

  4. September 2018 Stable Release

    Announcing the September 2018 release!

  5. Running Underworld docker containers on HPC with Shifter

    Use docker container on PAWSEY MAGNUS (Romain Beucher)

  6. April 2018 Stable Release

    Announcing the April 2018 release!

  7. 2017

  8. October 2017 Stable Release

    Announcing the October 2017 release!

  9. Building on MacOS High Sierra

    Build instructions for native Mac 2017 (but we still think docker is a good idea)

  10. July 2017 Stable Release

    Announcing the July 2017 release! (Rebecca Farrington)

  11. Modelling Drips and Delamination with Underworld

    Modelling the relative time-scales of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and delamination, using Underworld (Adam Beall)

  12. Initialising an Underworld mesh with Topography from a Digital Elevation Model

    A workflow to create a mesh with some topography at the top (Romain Beucher)

  13. Using physical units in Underworld

    A workflow for scaling models in Underworld (Romain Beucher)

  14. 2016

  15. October 2016 Stable Release

    Announcing the October 2016 release! (Rebecca Farrington)

  16. Building on MacOS Sierra

    AKA: Installing all petsc dependencies through petsc and not homebrew

  17. Viscoelasticity in Underworld2

    A short introduction to using viscoelasticity (Rebecca Farrington)

  18. June 2016 Stable Release

    Announcing the June 2016 stable build release. (Rebecca Farrington)

  19. Dependency setup for Mac OSx - El Capitan

    Installation instructions for Underworld dependencies within OSX 10.11.x environment (Julian Giordani)

  20. Underworld2 Workshop at CIG 2016 Meeting

    A half-day intro to Underworld2 at the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics meeting at UC Davis, June 23, 2016

  21. 2015

  22. Underworld and Dockers pt 2

    Using Kitematic to Simplify Docker Deployment (Louis Moresi)

  23. Underworld and Dockers

    Deployment via dockers... an end to compilation and dependency pain?

  24. How well does underworld 2 scale in parallel ?

    Some preliminary timings from the Magnus computer in Western Australia (Rebecca Farrington)

  25. How do I install on Ubuntu 14.04?

    Installation instructions for linux Ubuntu 14.04 (Gareth Kennedy)

  26. How do I install on MacOS ?

    Installation instructions for 10.10.x and 10.11.x (Louis Moresi)

  27. How to post in the underworld blog

    Examples of markdown format used in the underworld blog / website

  28. Underworld 2 and python

    A history lesson: why we moved from a static, xml front end to a dynamic, scripted, python environment

  29. Git workflow

    So now we are using git, what are the patterns we need to follow ?