Getting Started

User guide and examples

The Underworld live manual is now available to test. It is a collection of cookbook examples, tutorials and benchmarks in the form of jupyter notebooks that you can run without having to install the code first.


Please note that this can take a few minutes to load up. It pulls the underworld docker image up each time and sometimes it likes to rebuild from scratch !

Running on Mac OS X and Windows

You can run underworld2 using Kitematic, a graphical user interface for running our Docker container. This can be downloaded and installed via the Docker Toolbox for both Mac OS X and Windows. Open Kitematic and create a new underworld2 container by searching for underworld2. Once the underworld2 container has been loaded, launch the web preview to access the ‘underworld2/docs’ directory. You can then begin exploring the user_guide and examples directories. Please see our blog post for further details.

Running on Linux

Underworld2 is available through the Docker hub. For more information on Dockers and running on the command line please see our blog post.

Running from source code

For advanced users (developers, system administrators, etc) you can download the source code and build it. The underworld2 source code is available from our github repository, please refer to for the latest details on dependencies and build-recipes

Getting help

You can contact the team in a number of ways.

Scientific questions should be addressed to

Technical questions