Initialising an Underworld mesh with Topography from a Digital Elevation Model

Romain Beucher

Jun 08, 2017

A workflow to create a mesh with some topography at the top

We recently needed to initialise a mesh with some topography for doing a simulation. The python environment makes thing very easy but I thought it would be useful to share my workflow.

An Underworld mesh initialised with the topography of Kings Canyon, California

I detail how I built a simple python function that would use a Digital Elevation Model as input and return an Underworld mesh.

The example is available here: Initial Topography Example

The DEMs are also available in the github repository: Kings Canyon Sydney Basin

It requires a working install of Underworld and the GDAL python package.

I have created a Docker image so you can run the example in Docker.

    docker pull rbeucher/underworld2_blog_examples:latest