Underworld in the Cloud - User Guide Live

Oct 10, 2018

Release of a prototype version of the live Underworld user guide / tutorial

Over the past year an AuScope-supported collaboration between the Simulation, Analysis and Modelling (SAM) and the AuScope Grid has been developing cloud-based installations for Underworld and other SAM codes.

The Underworld live manual is now available to test. It is a collection of cookbook examples, tutorials and benchmarks in the form of jupyter notebooks that you can run without having to install the code first.


Please note that this can take a few minutes to load up. It pulls the underworld docker image up each time and sometimes it likes to rebuild from scratch !


Louis Moresi, John Mansour, Julian Giordani, Rebecca Farrington, Owen Kaluza, Steve Quenette, Robert Woodcock and Geoffrey Squire, (2017), Underworld - Bringing a Research Code to the Classroom, Abstract [ED41B-0283] presented at 2017 Fall Meeting, AGU, New Orleans, LA, 11-15 Dec.