AuScope Cloud

AuScope Cloud

The AuScope / Underworld Cloud is a computing platform for launching docker containers that draw content dynamically from GitHub. It is focused on and optimised for distributing our training and reference materials.

Our goal with the AuScope cloud is to make reproducible scientific exchange routine in our discipline and to make it simple to extend the ideas that others share.

If you have used, then you will already have seen how code and ideas can be exchanged in executable form. With the addition of  a home directory, you can be sure not to lose work between sessions. This helps researchers to build on the work of others as well as reproduce that work.

The AuScope / Underworld Cloud is robust and scalable thanks to the underlying Kubernetes platform. We authenticate our users via github which means you can browse and launch public content and your own private repositories on our cloud.

For information on how to use the AuScope / Underworld cloud to browse or serve content, read the following posts:

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