Congested Subduction Workshop

Congested Subduction Workshop

A two day workshop at the Australian National University, March 16-17, 2020 exploring the dynamics of congested subduction zones.

Subduction zones suck the cold oceanic plates down into the mantle, releasing gravitational potential energy and driving the global geological circulation. They naturally attempt to ingest all the anomalously buoyant material embedded in the oceanic plates including seamounts, under-plated plume materials, large igneous provinces, micro-continents and even the continents themselves. This is a fundamental component of the geological canon for which there is very little holistic, predictive dynamic modelling and many outstanding questions. At congested subduction zones there is a competition between positive and negative buoyancy from which complex structure is emergent.

Congested subduction zones necessarily evolve in three dimensions. The response of a subduction zone in response to ingestion of buoyant material  is a predictable evolution in the planform of the subduction system, the formation of slab windows, and a time-dependent change in the stress-state of the over-riding plate.


Monday, March 16, 2020 — Tuesday, March 17, 2020 (Mt Stromlo)

Schedule      Session Potential speakers
Welcome coffee & introduction
Monday am Congested subduction: theory & observations Peter Betts, Louis Moresi, Roberta Carluccio, Rebecca Farrington, Caroline Eakin
Monday am Signatures of congestion in the record of arc volcanism
Monday pm Regions: The Banda subduction system Brendan Duffy, Ping Zhang, Meghan Miller, Hendro Nugroho, Simon McClusky
Monday pm Discussion
Monday pm Drinks / Posters
Dinner (Canberra)
Tuesday am Regions: The Alaskan subduction system Sarah Roeske, Meghan Miller, Ben Mather, Chengxin Jiang
Tuesday am Regions: The New Zealand subduction system Robert Pickle, Pete Betts, Joanne Whittaker, Brendan Duffy, David Willis
Tuesday pm Regions: The Himalayan collision
Tuesday pm Discussion
Drinks / Dinner (Optional)

Wednesday, March 18 (Technical workshop at RSES)



This workshop is supported by the Australian Research Council through the Discovery Grant Program (DP150102887)