About us

About us

In the Underworld geodynamics group, we work on scientific problems, computational algorithms, and software for Earth and planetary dynamics. We release all of our work under open source licences so that anyone can recreate and build upon our science.  

We have a particular interest in understanding the long-term evolution of the Earth and helping people to run time-evolving models of plate and lithosphere scale geological problems. We have collected all of our geodynamics articles together.  

Our underworld geodynamics code is a python-based, high-performance, parallel code that scales from laptops to supercomputers and also runs in the cloud. We also develop other packages such as stripy and quagmire.

The group is based in Australia at the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne and Monash University and we have a broad network of collaborators across the (under)world.

We are supported by AuScope, the Australian Research Council (in particular, through the Basin Genesis Hub), and the National Computing Infrastructure.

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