How to cite underworld codes

The preferred way to cite our code is to include 1) a reference to the defining publication for that particular version and 2) to include the zenodo doi for the actual version of the code you are using. If you wish to cite the algorithms that have been used but not the actual implementation then see Algorithms below.

Note that the above DOI URLs will always resolve to the latest  Underworld releases. DOIs for previous versions are also available through zenodo. If you have modified the code, you should create a fork and publish your own DOI.

Underworld Geodynamics

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  • Beucher, Romain, Louis Moresi, Julian Giordani, John Mansour, Dan Sandiford, Rebecca Farrington, Luke Mondy, et al. (2019, August 13). underworldcode/UWGeodynamics: UWGeodynamics v2.8 (Version v2.8.1).


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  • Moresi, L., John Mansour, Julian Giordani, Rebecca Farrington, Romain Beucher et al,  (2019, September 2). underworldcode/underworld2: v2.8.1b (Version v2.8.1b). Zenodo.


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