Underworld Steering Committee

The Auscope Underworld steering committee provides strategic, scientific and user community input to the Underworld development and management team.

Underworld Steering Committee


The steering committee is composed of a senior representative from the projects funded organisations and representatives from the Australian and international user community.

  • Louis Moresi - Underworld / ANU
  • Rebecca Farrington - Underworld / UoM / Chair
  • Steve Quenette - Underworld / Monash
  • Patrice Rey - USyd / Community representative (Aust)
  • Mike Gurnis - Caltech / Community representative (Int)
  • Tim Rawling - Auscope HQ / Observer

Terms of Reference

The steering committee will advise on strategic, operational and community priorities and opportunities.

  • Provide an ongoing assessment of overall performance in reference to milestones and deliverables.
  • Provide a clear channel for communication between organisations relating to operations.
  • Provide a clear channel for funding organisation representatives to report on monthly activity.
  • endorse project plans for submission to Auscope and other funding bodies.
  • endorse quarterly reports for submission to Auscope and other funding bodies.


Steering committee resolutions will be made by consensus within meetings or through email confirmation after the meeting.


Monthly meetings as members calendars allow.


The committee will report to the Auscope SAM Underworld Project Director (LM) and project manager (RF). The meeting agenda and minutes will be open to community members unless limited by privacy.