Cite Underworld from Zenodo

Cite Underworld from Zenodo

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Zenodo is a repository for immutable versions of software that are provided with a persistent DOI for the purposes of citation and reproducibility.  

Underworld can be cited via a zenodo DOI. There is a master DOI for all releases (10.5281/zenodo.1436039) and releases after 2.6.0 are automatically given a DOI _under the master_.

If you are using a development branch and wish to obtain a DOI for your specific version we ask that you contact us  to make an interim release under the master DOI.


Underworld is listed under the  AuScope community on Zenodo.

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Professor in Computational Geophysics / Geodynamics at the Australian National University. Specialist in numerical modeling of non-linear Earth processes and leader of the Underworld Geodynamics Group
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