JOSS publication - Underworld 2

JOSS publication - Underworld 2

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A new paper by John Mansour and others has just been published in the Journal of Open Source Software.

  • Mansour, J., Giordani, J., Moresi, L., Beucher, R., Kaluza, O.,  Velic,  M., Farrington, R., Quenette, S., Beall, A., 2020, Underworld2:  Python  Geodynamics Modelling for Desktop, HPC and Cloud, Journal of Open   Source Software, 5(47), 1797,

The JOSS paper is intended as a reference citation for recent iterations of the code and is specifically tied to the recent v2.9 release.

JOSS is an online, completely-open journal that uses GitHub for the review process, zenodo to store reference releases, and takes a very collaborative approach between editor, reviewers and authors in order to steer a paper to publication. The review for our paper is available to read for all time !

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